Boundary Survey

boundary-service-imgDo you know where your property lines are? Every property owner, at one time or another has the need or desire to know the “location” of their property. That is to say, its boundaries and boundary corners. When planning the construction of improvements such as remodeling, additions, fences, walls, pools, or landscaping features, it is most important to be certain that you don’t encroach upon your neighbor’s land. Boundary surveys are recommended prior to any new construction.

Boundary Surveys, also called Stake Surveys, are used for locating property lines and corners of parcels of land as per your deed description. We begin by researching the county records, obtaining copies of your deed and the deeds for abutting property owners. Depending on your property location, we may investigate highway and street layouts, subdivision plans, recorded surveys, recorded agreements or any number of things that may affect your property. We will physically locate the corners of your property and install new corner monuments if necessary. In addition to the corner markers, line stakes are set along the property lines for a visual line of sight. When this field work is complete, we walk the property with you and explain what we have found and answer any questions you might have.

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