Wetland Delineation

wetland-imgWetland delineation is the location of the wetland boundary as set by consultants and state/town agencies, depicting said location relative to the property boundaries.

This process is needed whenever a parcel of land is being developed and it is necessary to locate any existing wetlands on the site. This is done to identify the resource areas and to prevent the destruction or disturbance of the existing wetlands.

Wetlands are typically found in depressions, the lowest portion of the landscape, or adjacent to lakes, rivers, or streams. Landscape position, climate, and soil type all influence wetland formation. You can expect to find wetlands in the following places:

  • In low areas with a high water table
  • On slopes, where groundwater breaks out as springs or seeps
  • Near rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and swamps
  • In flat areas where clay-like soils or bedrock close to the surface form an impervious layer that creates a “perched” water table
  • In abandoned ditches or stream channels