Certified Plot Plan

cert-plot-imgIn addition to the boundary survey, if requested we can locate improvements, easements, building lines, and encroachments found on the subject property and prepare a certified plot plan.

A plot plan, or site plan, is a to-scale plan developed by the surveyor for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. This plan will show all the existing and proposed structures and utilities that will affect the property. In some cases the plot plan will need to show the topography of the lot, drainage, and floor elevations associated with the project.

5 Easy Steps to getting a Construction or Building Permit

1) Review your ideas about how you want to develop the lot. We would be happy to provide suggestions from our experience to help you with this process.

2) We will need a copy of your foundation plan and any ideas you have for building placement, driveways, and future improvements to the lot.

3) Our field crew will measure and locate existing above ground improvements, take shots to determine the topography, and locate any points that you need to help with building placement.

4) Our drafting personnel will develop a detailed site plan of your lot using a computer aided drafting program. These plans will vary based on zoning and town requirements. You can find many of these requirements on-line or at your local building department.

5) When preparing your site plan, you may want to consider having a boundary survey done and lot lines staked to avoid encroachments of site improvements. We can also stake the house out for the contractor and set a benchmark for vertical reference.