Septic System Design

septic-design-imgSeptic System Design considers the site features in order to assess soil conditions and proper drainage. This is necessary to determine the optimum septic layout for new construction or for the repair of existing systems,

Percolation Testing/Soil Testing: In order to design a septic system, the pertinent information regarding the soil where the septic system is to be located must be obtained. Information as to how fast the soil will absorb water and at what elevation the water table is located is determined by a soil evaluator. A soil evaluator is a licensed professional who can determine the quality of the soils in the area of the new septic system and insure that the system will be designed properly. Odone Survey & Mapping works with the professionals who can perform these services.

Septic Design: The proper design of a septic system, especially for an existing home, is crucial to maintaining the integrity of a property. A properly designed septic system will not only provide many years of service but it will blend in to the landscape and enhance the value of your home. Our engineers provide innovative solutions to solve problem situations and are fast, efficient, and cost effective. We strive to make the process as simple as possible for all involved.