The two best reasons for OSM-PC to handle your property related issues is first, because the results of not having the proper work done can be disastrous on multiple levels. Secondly, there is no substitute for the more than 20 years of experience that owner Glenn D. Odone PLS brings to the services you need performed.

Additionally beneficial, OSM-PC is a full-service company. This means that we do it all. Adding additions, undertaking new construction projects or any project that fundamentally changes or involves the land on which it is being carried out, can be extremely complicated. It would be understandable if while conceiving a project, you overlooked or failed to consider a potential land/property issue. The value of our service is twofold. Not only do we have the knowledge to identify every possible problem and process that needs to be carried out, but we are also equipped and capable of handling those problems to ensure that your project goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. With over 20 years of experience and a fully staffed team, we can be trusted to deliver professionally, on the services that we offer and you need.